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2017-2018 Royal Court


     Monica Seles

“The Junior Orange Bowl has been around for more than 50 years and I am proud to have been a part of those years and the history that has evolved. In 1985, I won the Girls 12s defeating Kim Kessaris (USA) and, the following year, I was runner up to Laxmi Poruri (USA) in the Girls 14s. I was so proud of my achievements early on.”

     Mary Joe Fernandez

“I must say, some of my best memories come from competing against players from all over the world at Flamingo Park. As I look back, winning the 18’s Junior Orange Bowl was integral in my decision to become a professional tennis player. If you look at the roster of Orange Bowl Champions, it’s very indicative of future success and I am proud to be associated with such a prestigious event.”

     Nick Bollettieri

“A smile comes to my face when you now speak of the Junior Orange Bowl and the impact it has on the greater Miami. In my opinion, there will never be another event like the Junior Orange Bowl which attracted Chrissie Evert, Jimmy Connors, Monica Seles, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and many more. They were characters and tennis lovers from all over the world were able to see them when they were only teenagers. The Junior Orange Bowl is the Grand Slam of Grand Slam for juniors throughout the entire world.”

     Andy Murray

“Winning the Under-12 event in 1999 is still one of my happiest memories from the sport. Lifting the trophy was a major stepping stone in my career. You only have to look at the long list of champions to recognize how pivotal this tournament can prove in your career, and it retains that importance to this day.”