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Creative Writing Contest Entry Form 2023

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Please be sure to include your name at the top of your essay, as well as your name in the file name of the pdf.

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In order to submit your entry you must agree to the Mandatory Release, Consent for Media Reproduction, and the Plagiarism / Honor Code*
IN CONSIDERATION of accepting this entry, we the parent(s), guardian(s), and contestant, jointly and severally, and intending to legally bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, do knowingly and voluntarily waive, release, exonerate, discharge and agree to defend (a) the Junior Orange Bowl Committee, Inc., (b) the Cities and Counties of event venues, (c) the owners and operators of any public or private sports, recreation or other facility used for Junior Orange Bowl events, (d) all Junior Orange Bowl Festival sponsors, (e)all Junior Orange Bowl members, staff and volunteers, (f) the individual coaches, instructors, supervisors, or supervising or coordinating organizations and (g) all members, agents, employees, representatives, successors and assigns of any of the foregoing, from any and all liability and/or claims for illness (including Covid-19 related illnesses), injuries, loss of life, or damage to persons or property that may arise directly or indirectly from or be in any way connected to contestant’s participation in or practice for any Junior Orange Bowl event, including contestant’s travel to or from event venue.
We, parent and/or guardian and contestant, hereby grant full consent to the Junior Orange Bowl Committee, Inc., for the free use of contestant’s picture or name in broadcast, telecast or other account of any of the Junior Orange Bowl festival practices, events and travel, for any purpose whatsoever.
By checking this box, the participant is acknowledging the Junior Orange Bowl Creative Writing Plagiarism and Copyright Policy (see below for full policy). By submitting an original work, the Participant understands and agrees that if they are found to have violated the Policy, their entry will be removed from consideration in the competition.
Plagiarism and Copyright Policy: The Junior Orange Bowl Creative Writing Contest is a search for new and creative thoughts and words resulting in the submission of original works, which should be new and different from what other authors have written. Copyright is a form of legal protection prohibiting others from copying someone’s creative work without their express permission. A copyright is a legal right of possession of one’s intellectual property. Copyright law grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights for that work’s use and distribution. Plagiarism is an ethical violation resulting from failure to properly cite sources and engaging in the act of passing someone else’s work or ideas off as one’s own. This applies even if you have only copied a portion, rather than the entirety, of another author’s work. If the Junior Orange Bowl has reason to believe that a submission to the Creative Writing Contest violates the terms of this Policy, the Participant’s submission will be disqualified from consideration. The Junior Orange Bowl will also rescind or revoke any award given to a Participant who violates the policy. This Policy is necessary to preserve the integrity of the Contest and also to protect the Junior Orange Bowl and the Participant from potential financial liability.
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